Best Aviation Course in Bangalore


If you are passionate about an aviation career, choosing the best aviation course in Bangalore can be a challenging task. However, a prepared mindset and proper guidance will lead you in finalizing the best course. It can also help in making an informed decision about your career mark. There are various courses and diversified levels in the airline industry that empowers you to join the aviation sector. Depending on your interests and career objectives, you can analyze aviation courses. Whether you want to become a pilot, a flight attendant, airport ground operations, air traffic controller, or airport management operations, you have vast options available in the airline sector.

Elevate Your Career at the best Aviation Institute in Bangalore

At Charan’s International Institute of Aviation & Hospitality, your dream of working in the aviation is promising. The institute is widely known for offering the aviation course in Bangalore for many aviation enthusiasts. Our aviation course is recognized and affiliated to the Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC). The training programs and placements we provide are in association with the Government of India. Moreover, our institute is affiliated with the Bangalore University and Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Education (JNTE), Delhi.

Aviation Course at Charans Institute

We offers both Degree and Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality courses for our candidates. Students here at our institution are imparted with the best quality education in the aviation courses.

Course Offerings

1.    BBA in Aviation

The BBA in Aviation course is an exciting career journey, and the curriculum is customized to the ongoing aviation industry. The course involves many aspects, preparing you to gain specialized knowledge and skills in this fiercely competitive era. You will learn both technical and management courses that involve managing airline operations to airport transportation economics. The course also includes principles of management, aircraft traffic control, aviation law, and safety procedures, preparing you to become a full-fledged aviation management professional.

2.    Diploma in Aviation Management & Hospitality

The diploma program is designed to provide students to develop with a strong foundation in aviation management and hospitality. The course covers modules such as principles of airline management, passenger services & hospitality, airline operations, aviation safety & security, and more.

3.    Diploma in Airport Operations & Ground Services

Airport Operations & Ground Services is one of the prominent categories within the airline sector. The students are trained with excellence by highly experienced faculty to handle all ground operations.

In the aviation industry, every course is the best course with a comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and modernized facilities. The aviation course you take will give you the highest reward. After completion of the degree or diploma program, students will get international exposure and exceed their career expectations.

Taking Admission for Aviation Course in Bangalore

Students looking forward to pursuing the best aviation course in Bangalore at Charan’s Aviation can enrol by filling the Application Form available Online. Admissions for the 2024 Aviation Course in Bangalore are Open. Students can also avail the application form Offline by visiting our Aviation Institute and exploring our campus to learn more about the institution.